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Dry Cleaning, or “Bonnett Cleaning” does not have a steaming or extraction process. This means that the solutions used by a Dry Cleaner to clean your carpet, stay in your carpet and does not get extracted. This residue left behind not only makes your carpet resoil quickly but attracts dirt that acts like sandpaper to your carpet and starts to break down and grind away at the fibers of your carpet making it wear out at a much faster rate. The chemicals used by Dry Cleaning can also cause your carpet to “yellow” due to their high levels of ph. These are three of the main reasons that Shaw and Mohawk (the two largest residential carpet manufacturers in the U.S) can void your carpet warranty when using a dry cleaning method for maintenance cleaning.

With our Steam Cleaning process our Techs will first pre-treat your carpet with a green seal, environment friendly solution that is also child and pet safe. this solution also has no sticky residue when it is left on a carpet. Once the carpet has been pre-treated we will then proceed to clean it with the Rotovac PowerWand. The steam from the Rotovac will penetrate deep in the carpets fibers at over 200 degrees to emulsify built up dirt, oils, allergens, dander and any detergents left behind from any other previous cleanings from your carpet, all the while these contaminants are being sucked up by a tremendous vacuum and ridding them from your home to be discarded at our facility.

We guarantee that your carpets, when cleaned with the Rotovac. will be cleaner than any other carpet cleaning method, and will dry faster than typical manual wand steam cleaning systems, typically within 3-4 hours.