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Carpet Cleaning The Colony | Spotless Carpet Cleaners The Colony, Texas (TX)

When looking for a carpet cleaning service in The Colony, consider three factors; QUALITYAFFORDABILITY and RELIABILITY. Call Spotless Carpet Cleaners and we guarantee you will get the best carpet cleaning service in town.

Forget About The Old Way!
The standard method of carpet cleaning for the past 40 years has been the manual scrub wand. It is bulky, requiring physical force to improve its performance ratio. This not only delivers average results cleaning in one direction, it worsens the integrity of the carpet over time. Ground in grit acts like a sand paper against the friction of the unit breaking down the weave of the fiber.

At Spotless Carpet Cleaning in The Colony, we offer something better that aids in not only maintaining the carpet, it helps to restore it to its original look and feel. Is it a stubborn spot, dust mites, pet hair, dander or other allergens? Not a problem. The patented Rotovac Carpet Restoration System is the latest and greatest in high performance carpet cleaning.

No longer is performance limited to out-dated tools, Rotovac’s PowerWand is a light weight, energy efficient unit that practically propels itself. Twin high torque motors provide the muscle, each sporting three high pressure injectors spraying 200 degree water deep into the carpet fibers. In a single minute the carpet receives 1500 cleaning passes. This assures the carpet is cleaner, the quality is consistent leaving no shadowing and streaking. This is unparalleled carpet cleaning, the best solution out there! High performance carpet cleaning in The Colony at no extra cost to you.

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