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Carpet Cleaning Prosper | Spotless Carpet Cleaners Prosper, Texas (TX)

Spotless Carpet Cleaning in Prosper, TX

Move into the next generation of high performance carpet cleaning Prosper, at no extra cost to you. The Rotovac Restoration System isn’t a bulky unit that gets dragged back and forth across the carpet tearing at the fibers. It uses a light-weight energy-efficient PowerWand that delivers unparalleled cleaning by penetrating deep into the carpet roots to extract the most difficult of problems.

• Dust mites
• Built up dirt
• Oils
• Allergens
• Dander
• Residual detergents
• Child or pet accidents

Two high speed rotors in the head of the wand cleans in multiple directions, not like the wands of yesterday. Three high pressure jets on each rotary cleaning head inject 200 degree water into the carpet roots. Three high performance vacuum slots provide tremendous suction to extract the most difficult of foreign matter.

We offer-
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Restorative methods.
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Prosper, our carpet cleaning process is efficient & methodical. It begins with an inspection of target areas with an evaluation of the best course of action. It continues with a pre-treatment with the appropriate EPA certified cleaning solution. One of our certified techs will then begin the deep cleaning process with the Rotovac system. When the projects are complete we will post inspect to assure customer satisfaction. If necessary our Prosper carpet cleaning staff will follow up by protecting the furniture during the carpet drying time. Finally, before we leave we will groom the carpet to leave it that pristine, inviting look.

At Spotless Carpet Cleaners Prosper, we provide the best carpet cleaning out there!

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