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Carpet Cleaning Parker | Spotless Carpet Cleaners Parker, Texas (TX)

Parker, don’t go the way of out dated carpet cleaning methods. Don’t you want to restore your carpet to that original look and feel. Call Spotless Carpet Cleaners where we use the latest in carpet cleaning equipment at no extra cost to you.

• Pet stains
• Dust mites
• Allergens
• Stubborn spots
• Poor air quality.
• High traffic matted areas

Call Spotless Carpet Cleaners and we’ll get to work on cleaning your carpet. We even clean furniture upholstery, tile and grout. Our high quality cleaning performance is no secret, we use Rotovac’s Carpet Cleaning System.

Parker, dry and steam carpet cleaning methods from previous generations drag a heavy manual scrub wand back and forth across the carpet surface. Quality was dependent upon the force applied, and that force was an increase of friction between the wand, carpet and the soil present in the carpet. This acted like sand paper wearing down the integrity of the fibers.

Parker, the Rotovac carpet cleaning system uses a light-weight PowerWand driven by two motors rotating at 250 rpms. Each sport 3 high temp water jets and 3 high performance vacuum slots to assure you receive a consistent quality carpet cleaning throughout, which is the first step to preserving the life of your carpeting. A single pass delivers a multi-directional cleaning sure to lift the contaminants caught deep in the fiber roots. This provides unparalleled cleaning!

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