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Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Las Colinas
The cleanest carpet possible at unbeatable prices.

At SPOTLESS CARPET CLEANERS we provide very affordable prices. There are no hidden charges or extras. Spotless Carpet Cleaners; high quality service from people you can trust.

Don’t Do It The Old Way Las Colinas!
The old style manual scrub wand from traditional and Dry and Steam cleaning methods causes accelerated degradation to the carpet fibers. Cleaning performance is based on the downward force applied causing friction between the wand and the soil build up, which acts like sand paper on the carpet. Furthermore, the old style method cleans in only 2 directions, back and forth.

The New Method of Carpet Cleaning is Best!
Las Colinas, at Spotless Carpet Cleaners we take a more sophisticated approach without any more cost to you. Allow us to introduce the Rotovac carpet restoration system, the state of the art in carpet cleaning equipment that out-performs its predecessors. It is a light-weight energy-efficient tool with twin high speed rotors spinning at 250 rpms and delivering 1500 multi-directional passes per minute. Six high pressure jets inject 200 degree water deep into your carpet. Six high performance vacuum slots extract the most stubborn of build ups – dust mites, soil, pet hair, allergens, and any residual chemicals left over from previous cleaning methods, chemicals which can act as soil attractors. All our products are baby safe, pet friendly and certified by the EPA to contain no toxins harmful to the environment.

Las Colinas, whether you need carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or furniture upholstery cleaning, call SPOTLESS CARPET CLEANERS for all your cleaning needs.

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