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Carpet Cleaning Carrollton | Spotless Carpet Cleaners Carrollton, Texas (TX)

Spotless Carpet Cleaners, the best carpet cleaning solution possible in Carrollton.
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Don’t Use Outdated Methods Carrollton
Traditional carpet cleaning methods use a manual wand. The limitations here are the scrubbing power is driven by the user’s strength, the cleaning direction is unidirectional. Harsh chemicals can yellow the carpet and degrade the fibers… There is a better way using state of the art equipment which drastically improves carpet cleaning performance; The ROTOVAC Carpet Restoration System.

Rotovac’s PowerWand is a lightweight energy efficient tool sporting dual rotors. Six mini-jets total spray 200 degree water deep into carpet fibers to penetrate carpet build up. Rotating at 250 rpms yields 1500 multi-direction pass in one minute. Six high performance vacuum slots extract dust mites, soil, pet hair, allergens, residual chemicals and your common to troublesome spots. That is truly thorough carpet cleaning Carrollton!

Our services include:
» Carpet Cleaning Express Drying
» Tile & Grout Cleaning Furniture Cleaning
» Area Rugs Scotch Guard
» Pet/Soil Enzyme


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