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Carpet Cleaning Allen | Spotless Carpet Cleaners Allen, Texas (TX)

If you are looking for the best way to get your carpets cleaned Allen, you have come to the right place. At Spotless Carpet Cleaners, we get your carpets the cleanest they can be, using state of the art equipment at no extra cost to you.

Your best carpet cleaning solution in Allen, Texas.

All our services are guaranteed. Whether its tile & Grout cleaning, furniture upholstery cleaning, pet/soil Enzyme applications, scotch guarding, or carpet cleaning Allen, you can expect the highest quality performance, unbeatable prices, and reliable service.

Don’t Do It The Old Way Allen?
Old style manual scrub wands have been around for over 40 years. It is a bulky apparatus and offers only a bi-directional cleaning pattern of forward and backward motions. Performance is dependant on the force applied by the person using the wand. This causes friction against the soil embedded in the carpet which acts like sand paper accelerating the wear and tear on the fibers. Chemical detergents used in the steam and dry cleaning methods from previous generations leave behind residual chemicals containing high Ph levels which cause carpet yellowing, color fading and soil attraction.

This is not a concern at Spotless Carpet Cleaners Allen. We use the latest is carpet cleaning equipment, the Rotovac Carpet Restoration System. ROTOVAC restores rather than degrades the fiber. Rotovac’s PowerWand out-performs its predecessors by utilizing twin rotors at the wand head spinning at 250 rpms! Each rotor head contains three high pressure jets injecting 200 degree water deeply into the carpet delivering 1500 multi-directional passes per minute! The tremendous suction power comes from a total of six high performance vacuum slots at the base of the wand to attack the most troublesome of areas lifting dust mites, pet hair, dander and other allergens.

Be assured Allen, that Spotless Carpet Cleaners will do it right, and efficiently. We keep our customers satisfied. All industry standards are maintained. Only environmentally friendly non-toxic products certified by the EPA are used. They are child safe & pet friendly.

Call SPOTLESS CARPET CLEANERS for the best carpet cleaning solution. We’ll make your carpets SPOTLESS Allen.